May 9, 2011

Some open items

It's been an "interesting" time at work lately, and my mental capacity to keep on typing on a computer into the night is really limited.  That's obvious when visiting here and seeing the gap between meaningful blog posts.  I'll try to work on that:
Couple things in the hopper, however, that I'll do quick-hits style:
1)  Gas prices are edging $4.00/gal here in the KC area... and it's not even summer vacation season yet.  Scary.  If you are within a few miles of work, you can really help your family's bottom line this summer by riding a few days a week to the office.  You've come to the right place --- scan the archives at right, and read up.  As always, I welcome your email!
2)  Sometimes I write 6 pages about a 200-mile ride... and other times I can write 6 pages about a 6 mile ride.  I had just such a ride last week, and that post is coming soon.  Six miles. on an errand, nothing special... but then, it turned out that way. 
3)  One of the most popular posts here on is a review of Axiom's Monsoon waterproof panniers.  I gave them a solid, 1-year-of-use review a while back - and it struck me:  I'm still using these things today.  So, also coming soon with updated photos is a TWO-YEAR-PLUS review of the same bags.  Short version:  they are quickly rising to the top of the heap in the "best money I've ever spent on cycling gear" category, right alongside my horribly-missed Shimano SPD sandals.  More to come on that subject, also.
So, a lot "to come" - stay tuned --- meanwhile, I'm doing the work - suiting up, riding to the office, and saving money.  I hope you are doing some of the same!
Thanks for reading!

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Brasil said...

I wonder how you got so good. Ha-ha! This is really a fascinating blog, lots of stuff that I can get into. One thing I just want to say is that your design is so perfect!