May 21, 2011

Bike Week - Day Five

Bike week wrapped up with another dry commute, on a day that was otherwise a washout --- benefits, I suppose, of coming into work early, and leaving quite late each day this week.
The creek was high in a lot of places, which made for a rousing aquatic soundtrack as I rolled along towards home in the afternoon.  Also, the Switzer low water crossing was overflowing, but only maybe a couple inches deep so I rolled across.  Kinda neat... and defintely outside the norm. 
Arrived home, and did a few  bonus-miles doing laps in the driveway with the kiddos. 
All in all, a great week - and the first full five-day week for me on the bike since September. 
Looking forward to hitting it again on Monday!
Hope you all had a good week!


Anonymous said...

'dude, glad you had a good week on the bike. Hope you can get more of them.

Rommel Fernandes said...

If only I was as disciplined as you, I would lose a few kilos off my total weight of 94 kgs.
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dmar836 said...

Careful on that trail! Did a rain ride 5/28 and, almost home, took the trail back in. At 18mph the bike just flew out from under me. Slid like a pro! Leaves + water + asphalt oil = Umph!