May 11, 2011

Bike week is coming! Do it, do it, do it!

Bike Week is nearly here!
May 16-20th, 2011
If you've been on the fence about riding to work, this is a GREAT week to start because of all the support mechanisms in place.
I'm sure I'll miss some here, but this is a quick list:

Johnson County, KS trail guide

Overland Park's version of the trail guide

The trail system is a large part of my daily commute, and I'm lucky enough to live and work close to a terminus that actually serves my needs. Dig into the map -- that busy street you're nervous about MAY be avoiadable using this ever-expanding and well maintained paved trail system.


Mid-America regional Council Carpooling resources

If you have to use a car, get friendly with your co-workers. Using a car, sadly, may be unavoidable, but at least you can share the gas costs, strike up a conversation, and help ease the costs this summer.


Bike Month - from the League of American Bicyclists

Good info concerning the national scope of May as bike month.


Overland Park, KS., Events for Bike-to-Work-Week

Metro-wide Trail breaks and rest-stop guides

Swag, advice, coffee and bagels.... just some of the things I was surprised and delighted to find last year at some of the breakfast stops. I hope to hit more of the stops this year, even if they take me far afield from the route to work.

The official Bike Week website for information, logging miles, starting a team or starting a car-free or car-light trend in your life.

Get into it!

Local commuter and car-free bloggers:

Noah Dunker -- reluctant local hero, gadget-gawd, good friend and friend of the show

Carfree American -- no car use for a year, and going - how its done

Kansas Cyclist -- THE source for Kansas cycling news and info

Missouri Bike Federation -- on both sides of the MO/KS line, your advocacy heroes at work

bikecommuters -- the source for product reviews, stories, tips - national scope

KC Sprints -- because sometimes its not about saving gas at ALL. Crack a cold one, and check it.


... the above is a short list, and I know there are more --- I'm more than happy to pass your link along, so feel free to email.

Amatuer radio operators?

Bike Week goes "geek" on the air - back-pocket talk-ins on 442.150+

Spotty coverage, weak audio, scratchy into the machine.... just how we cyclists like it.

Zombies. Run.

OKay... that's all I have for now.... get a bike, get a bag, get a route, and DO IT.


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