May 16, 2011

Bike Week - Day One

Bike week got off to a great start, same as last year with the run to Deanna Rose for the Overland Park bike week rest stop. Met up with Noah of fame, for coffee and a shot at some swag - this is where I picked up my reflective triangle and recycled innertube wallet last year (the latter courtesy, which are still in use today. Drew stopped by only a couple minutes before Noah and I had to depart for work, and it was good to see him again. It strikes me as I write this that perhaps we could get the city to rezone a small rectangle of Deanna Rose parking lot for a mini Scooter's Coffee kiosk or something, with bike racks and outdoor tables. As I stood out in the cool morning air chatting up HTs and antennas, and discussing disc brakes vs V-brakes and such... it hit me that I could get used to a morning rest stop - and I'm wondering if I'd have the time to fit something in like that. It was a nice change from simply riding straight through, and the
coffee was better than my home brew. Maybe I'll try that in the morning... Happy bike week, all!

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