May 18, 2011

Bike Week - Day Three

I feel remarkably good. I am seeing progress where there was once frustration, feeling engaged and ready. Today was the first Wednesday back on the bike since August, when an after-work commitment with the kids had started. It'll be nice to get a full five days in a row on the bike. It means summer is close, school is ending, and that means less rushing around, more time with the kids at home each evening. I look forward to it.

Summer also means more time to schedule another DSR, and hopefully some trail adventures, bike-camping, and perhaps a longish ride or two. Also means more family bike trail adventures.

Its thoughts like this that get me through the work week...

Todays ride, I got ambitious on the way to the office, averaging 16 on the way in... Best commute time in a long while for me. Took it extra easy on the way home to compensate and relax. Overcast and lukewarm, it was surprising not to see more riders out.

Avoided the rain, somehow, but I doubt I'll be as lucky tomorrow... But part of me is looking forward to it.

Contemplating hitting the Tomahawk rec center breakfast rest stop in the AM, if its not a complete washout.

Stay tuned!

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