August 3, 2022

The Summer Check-In

 It's the 2022 edition of the summer blogpost... which will be very, very short indeed... we are still in the throes of the educational hurricane, but only a scant handful of weeks left until we get spit out the other side.  75-days from this writing, to be precise.  What will that mean?  Eh... we shall see.  Perhaps a return to the careful cadence of long-winded ride reports.  Perhaps something else entirely... there are still tales to tell, miles to discover, and goals to achieve.

For now... a photo drop.

I can't really call anything a streak... the pandemic, school, and work generally conspire to keep me off the long rides more often than not; but, we are still trying for that elusive R-12 #6, on our way to an eventual 10 total (at least).  This time, a wildflower shot from somewhere along the road between Centerville, KS. and Mound City, KS. on my most-recent 200km installment.  Ride report?  It was HOT.  Eyes on August... no relief in sight.

Caution:  This vehicle stops at railroad crossings

Two fixed gears on the Missouri River Valley highway back on June 11th's ACP 100th Anniversary 300km event.

On the ACP 300km, all roads lead to Nebraska.  Back in Rulo again...

Bridge-hunting on a solo gravel century back in May '22

Tile hunting, too.  You know about VeloViewer, don't you?
You're welcome.

Stay tuned ... stay hungry ... stay out there ...

Thanks for reading!

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