April 18, 2011

Bike Week is coming

May is a strong month for local utility-cycling and commuting in KC - and, yeah-yeah... it's on all the news lately and people are running it into the ground ... but, for-real folks... since I started paying attention in 2002 I haven't seen the press that gas prices are getitng lately.  $3.50/gal in February is downright frightning.  $3.80/gal was seen this morning in Olathe.  Regardless of what the barrel prices are doing, I doubt it will drop much.  We may not see sub-$3.00/gal gasoline ever again.
Economically, on a personal basis where it matters, it's going to be a tough summer.
Jump on a bike for your short trips and your daily commute to work and you could end up saving $100 a month, easily.  If you're finally thinking about getting on the bike to save some money this year, these are events you'll want to attend, and you should definitely bookmark these webpages.
This May BikeWalkKC is teaming up with partners across the region to present greater Kansas City's 6th annual Bike Week May 14-22. This is your opportunity to sample all things bicycle-related around the metro area. Whether you're into racing, bike commuting, mountain biking, fixed gear, or just want to learn how to get around town safely – we have something for you. Learn about our fun events at www.bikewalkkc.org
If you want to be more confident bicycling on city streets you should consider joining BikeWalkKC's Spring Smart Cycling series to learn more about traffic skills, bikes and the law, hauling cargo, and maintaining your bike. Check out www.bikewalkkc.org/educationIt's a great value at $65 for the full five class series, or just $20 per individual class.
These classes are more in-depth than the free versions offered in recent months, and they culminate in the League of American Bicyclist's Traffic Skills 101 certification.
Twitter: @CarFreeKC
Finally, volunteers make things happen:  BikeWalkKC has a few volunteer opportunities left to prepare for Bike Week.
Please contact sarah.shipley@bikewalkkc.org to learn about them.
This is a great time to get started!
(Reposted with permission)

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