November 19, 2008

Weekend is coming - time for November's edition!

'bout time, too. I'm not sure if I'll be seeing the UPS man anytime soon, for my fresh tub 'o Carboplex - but that might have been a panic move on my part, anyways. I'll need to replace carbs while ON the bike, certainly, when the longer brevets come around - but for this fairly flat 200K, I can take it easy and run off the c-stores and such. After weighing advice after last weekend, it's pretty clear that I can do this distance without any powdered miracle, but the distance is pretty close to where I'd draw the line on doing so. Granted, it's not the BEST thing for muscles and recovery, but it IS do-able. It's not like I'll be out there for 200+ miles... so I'll let it slide a little if the powder don't show up Friday.

OH, and as-of this writing, as a matter of record, registration for this weekend's perm is CLOSED.

It'll be a nice weekend, looks like - chilly, but essentially perfect for this time of year. I'll take it. All the lawn chores have been tucked away as of LAST weekend, so no worries to take along with me. Just wake up, toss back some chocolate milk at the 7-Eleven, and head south.

More to come!
How about this November weather today? Kansas = weird.

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