November 13, 2008

Character Building

Up next, a character-building 217km permanent on Saturday. It's shaping up to be one of those where I'll get to the turn-around in three hours, and then it will take ten to get back. Actually, I can't honeslty say that yet.... nor should I. Imaging is important; visualization. I'll write something up about it, I'm sure. Weather is always a variable, and I've indeed had worse. Time to rise above, and just ride.
Not even sure I'll bring along the bike computer - I may just clip the zip-ties and leave that mental barb behind. I know the route instinctively, no need to mark mileage or track my speed at this point in the year. The strategy - enjoy and conserve on the way down, enjoy the strong tailwind and the warmth it will bring, saving me from the colder pre-dawn air. On the way back, take it easy on the way back to La Cygne, enjoy a semi-tailwind on K-152, then fight on Jingo Road, US-69 and Metcalf. Fight like mad on any northbound, flat stretch of road (ok, most of the route is that way) Fuel smart. Hydrate.

After all, it will be dry.... not something I can say for the beginning of this week!

Here's a shot from earlier this week, courtesy Crowbar.


Noah said...

I'm not saying this tongue-in-cheek. I really would like to go along, but things are way too unstable back at the ranch for me to be five hours from home. I need some character-building, and I could really really use the miles. I've even got a functional bike that would be somewhat appropriate for this adventure, but it's simply not going to happen. Don't hold me to it, but I may try to seal my "insane" status on the December perm. Depends on how desperate I am for miles and what the Wx is like. Best of luck this weekend!

Chris said...

I think your "hope" for dry weather is more of a pipe dream dude! Maybe the gods of the weather channel will turn the NW tailwind into calm or SE winds at your turnaround. Hydrate well my friend.

Jason said...

Good luck tomorrow! :)