November 16, 2008

A much better day...

Today was a MUCH better day for a bike ride, like a 200K maybe... but I didn't do it. Whatever issues I was having yesterday seem to have extended into the evening hours, and it's just not looking good -- which, whew, to me is a relief. I really didn't want to take advantage of the 24-hour pass that I got and end up riding the 217K of the Border Patrol in today's weather. I know that sounds weird, but that totally eliminates the asterisk that I would have placed next to this weekend's ride completion, had I done it Sunday instead of Saturday. I've been in that situation before, up in Liberty with snow and cold rain at the start of a really tough 300K. So tough were the conditions that Bob Burns gave us the option of riding it Sunday instead... but, you know, I'm glad I did it Saturday, in the nasty weather. I'm proud that I finished that ride, and it was a finish that I needed, mentally. Wouldn't change a thing. If my stomach HAD improved, and I HAD ridden today, I think I would have almost felt guilty about it. So, I'm scheduled for November 22nd, this next Saturday, to try the Border Patrol route again. By then I'm sure the stomach issues will be resolved, and I'll have a clearer head about just doing the ride, and eating whatever will get the job done. Even if it wasn't the SE's fault, and it was some stomach bug, I still can't get the memory of that foul, foul taste and smell out of my mind. I won't be back to SE for a while.

More to come - coming up this week, just a solid run of commutes. Let's do it.


warbird said...

seems strange to nix SE because of a rancid batch. the stuff does have a fairly short shelf life.

though, as you know, i'm of the school which says you can't process enough solid food to carry you through the long haul. mostly because i personally witnessed it on the RAAM with byron (not that there weren't problems directly related to SE either).

the way i read this (with your previous entry), you seem to condemn SE because you've had (at least) three memorable failures with it, but i know there are at least 3 entries in this blog which refer to you having problems and failures directly related to riding on solid fuel as well. (humm, do we call you [solid] rocket gates now?)

you're a niggler, do some math. how many calories does it actually take to complete a really tough 200k? how many calories can you consume and process during that time (conservatively)?

that said, if you come to the conclusion that solid food is better, i certainly won't condemn you for it because, obviously it's best to do what works for you. so, just because SE works for me, and solid food didn't work for byron, doesn't mean solid food isn't the right choice for you.

just wanted to offer an alternative point-of-view. my bad habit, as you well know ;)


WildcatAl said...

Just to throw in my two cents, so far I am still a "solid food" guy. Mainly because I think of cycling as old school, and mixing stuff that smells like fish in a bottle doesn't sound old school to me. Ok, in Kansas I should probably have a horse if I really want to be old school, but then have to deal with something else with a opinion on the trip. Anyway, I usually only create my own 100 mile rides, which are shorter than your 200+k rides, but close enough for me. I like the feeling of any Casey's being my Oasis. Now I will still pack some extra food for the trip, but stop often for smaller meals or snacks. Someday, I will have to try this stuff in a can, but it hasn't happened yet.