November 10, 2008

Cold rain in town

It's my "favorite" weather for commuting and riding in general.  After acclimating pretty quickly late last month, this seems almost to oeasy -- until it rains.  Thick, fat, everything-is-flipping-COLD, rain.  It wasn't so bad this morning, except for the east headwind in the morning, and I'm out of coffee at the house.  I tell ya, that makes all the difference:  a hot cup at easy reach, it speeds away the chills and brings a warm smile to my midsection as it trickles down into my gut - and then, seemingly, into my legs.  Lately, I haven't had that comfort.  Man, that stinks:  I gotta get to the store, stat.  
Tomorrow, it will be tougher as I'll be starting out into the cold rain, which will proably stick around until afternoon at least.  It's wool time!

Permanent this weekend, and I'm pleased to see the forecast shaping up a little.  After these first three days riding to work, this weekend will be cake.  Partly sunny skies!  Upper 40's!  Dry!  I'm trying to ignore the NW headwind that I'll likely be facing on the return ... my only goal for this November edition is to finish the 217 kilometers.  No rush, enjoy the float down to Pleasanton - push back.  

I'm ready... probably more ready than I was in June, oddly.  
The cross training is helping, and while the scale doesn't agree QUITE yet, I'm feeling the differences from pushing it more at the fitness center lately.  No more complacency!  I feel results!  

More to come... Let's see how this rainy winter preview ride tomorrow goes...

((Good thoughts Noah's way, by the way, officially))

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Noah said...

Thanks, buddy. You know, whenever I start a fat-burning phase, I seem to put on a few pounds. I stopped caring about weight. How GOOD you feel is really the superior metric.