November 7, 2008


Well...... not much, certainly, but as I made my way in to work this morning, there it was. The first of the 08-09 season.... snow. Cuz rain don't fall that way. Heeeyyeeeellll.

Anyways, there you have it.

Man, I've been EXCEPTIONALLY busy these last two weeks. I've added two more job functions to my resume at work (job#1), and things have been a little hairy. I'm tired.

So, I've decided I can make this a lot easier on myself: Daily commute updates, with the ancient Chinese secret:

The last nice fall day
I saw the sun, and it warmed
Too bad it won't last.

Perhaps one more day
loving the nice fall weather
clouds are coming in

the rains came today
running late, made home on time
Fast, wet, and tired

Advil, and late rise
I glumly grab the car keys
Perhaps tomorrow


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