November 17, 2008

Opening things back up.

This weekend - 217km - Border Patrol route:

If you're interested and are a RUSA member, let me know if you'd like to ride.

Please reply by Wednesday 3:59 PM - after that, no more entries can be accepted!

Carboplex is on the way on the UPS truck, and my spirits are high again.
Today was an EXCELLENT day, not too windy - chilly, but acceptable. This weekend's weather looks pretty good, too. Supposed to get cold tonight, but only one degree colder than the coldest it's been this season so far. Course, one could argue that the difference of one degree isn't that much... one could counter with the notion that it depends where you are on the thermometer. After all, the difference between 33 and 32 degrees is pretty significant if you ask water. But, I digress.

Time to earn that Thanksgiving feast that's coming up! It's almost time to fire up the open-flame propane-fired five gallon deep fryer and play "three point fake" with the frozen turkey. Whooooo! Neighbors love me!

Do I really need to say "don't try this at home"?

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