January 9, 2009

The French Revolution

Welp, I've completed the Peugeot project, and it came to my attention almost immediately that I hadn't spoken much about this since I started working on it. It had really just become a secondary thing, in the garage a couple nights a week, unwinding from work, almost, with a toothbrush and some solvent - clearing off 35 years of grime and grease, simultaneously clearing off the stresses of the work week. It's a great way to unwind, if you keep things simple. The great thing about this bike: everything was original, in perfect working order, and simply needed to be cleaned off. NO scouring the globe for replacement parts or reproductions -- I like that. Just breathing life back into something that's only been sitting for a few decades, indoors thankfully. SO, I'll post some pictures soon -- it turned out far better than I expected; the freewheel rebuilt, butter smooth... the wheels, hubs rebuilt, smooth and quiet - solid... the spokes, re-tensioned and strong. New tires that have the same ole not-REALLY-tan sidewalls... dude it looks factory fresh. It's pretty cool. And, sadly for me, yes -- it IS for sale.
Not sure if I'm posting now, but probably by spring.

Stay tuned....

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Brinehawk said...

shoot me an email and let me know what you are asking for such a beautiful bike