January 13, 2009

Temps hit the floor, along with the challenge

This week has seen some extraordinary temperature activity, that's for certain. I arrived home by bike on Friday evening, and before I could make it out of the shower the winds had shifted and the temperatures had dropped 15 degrees. It was 62 that day when I made my way home. This morning, it was five degrees. Tomorrow morning it will dawn at about 28ºF, and will begin to drop around 9AM with another strong wind shift. Thursday morning's forecast temperature is zero, and some say it will drop farther. It's been a WEIRD January. Sure, temps have wavered in past years - to the teens, then the forties for a few days -- but these 50 degree swings are maddening. Temped by spring, only to plunge back into the depths of winter again. Frustrating. Hard to find a rhythm.

Good fortune sometimes smiles in strange ways. My mother-in-law's car has broken down - cause unknown as yet, but the fact is she's a downtown worker, no-where near a bus stop - and I'm not going to put her out in that fashion anyways. So, my car goes to her driveway until the shop can find out what's happening under the hood of hers. Which means, good fortune has smiled ... in a strange way, I find a way to attach a silver lining to this scenario. My safety-net is gone from the driveway. My cold weather gear is ready. Even though the big z-e-r-o is threatening; I am inspired, inspired to take my place in the peloton of those around here that don't say "too cold" or "too windy". It's gonna be a good week... and it should start a momentum of habits, and acclimatization so I can continue on until spring stays for good.

Sometimes it takes a little force to get out of comfortable habits when it's not enough to think to oneself that it's "good exercise", "right for the environment" or whatever. It's time to just get back on it.