January 27, 2009

KC Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to hold public meeting

If you live in KCMO and want to make sure that bicycling, walking and
transit needs are not left out of the budget, go to one of these
meetings and speak up.
You'll learn about projects and priorities and see how your money could be spent.

KCMO Council Transportation & Infrastructure Committee
to Host Public Meetings
Public Input Sought on City Projects - Councilman Russ Johnson, Chair
of the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee, and members of the
Committee would like to hear from residents about projects and
services under the committee's jurisdiction. These include, among
others, bus service, streets, streetlights, trash pickup, water,
sewer, stormwater, sidewalks, city buildings, and the airports.

For more information, please call Councilman Johnson's office at
(816) 513-1622 or e-mail his office at russ_johnson@kcmo.org.

Transportation & Infrastructure Committee
Public Hearing Schedule

(The Monday meeting has already happened)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 - 6pm
Gregg-Klice Community Center, 1600 John "Buck" O'Neil Way, KCMO

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 - 6pm
Baptiste Educational Center, 5401 E. 103rd Street, KCMO

(Many thanks to Laurie Chipman for the above information)

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