January 12, 2009

Photo Post - 1973 Peugeot PR-10



Below, the Atax stem - subtle details in "red, blue & white" for the French flag, polished back to glory.

Detail of the Pletscher aluminum rear rack logo, and some appropriate leather straps.

Below, the non-drive side bottom-bracket shell detail, showing the unique Simplex clamp-on cable guide, and the back of the Stronglight 49D crankset - one of the prettiest, strongest, lightest cranksets ever produced.

Original Lucas Ltd. mechanical front wheel odometer. One of two parts on the bike that aren't French. (the other is the rack, above.)


Anonymous said...

never ... ever pass up the opportunity to say:

nice rack

p.s. sweet bike you have there.

Chris said...

Nice! I can still remember the stench of that degreaser as you were cleaning the bars. Looks good, hope it finds a good home.