April 2, 2014

You want this...don't you?

I'm so excited for the 300k next week.  Yeah, I miss the old Albany route, but this Oak Grove ride is an instant classic; I think this is the third year for it now.  So...new goal is to make it back to the McD's at Higginsville, MO before sundown...or at least before they close!  Need shake!  Need fries!

I wanted to invite all our new riders off the fence and out to our 300km on the 12th.  There is something about this route... A classic, somehow.  Hills, but not too many.  Long, uninterrupted stretches to extend your thoughts and enjoyment.  A major river crossing of the muddy Missouri at Glasgow.  A chance to see the sunrise AND the sunset from the saddle ... Or, a chance to try and beat the sunset, for the spirited.

You've got the 200 licked... What's another 100k, right?  It's a great milestone, a full day of adventure, and a great test.  Hope to see you there!

The Shamrock Shakes at McDonalds taste awful good on the trip back west, by the way... 

Oooo, you're all in, now, aren't ya??
Yeeees.... Gooood...

"...but with the blast-shield down I can't see!  How am I supposed to ride?"

Reach out with your feelings, Luke...

Team 'Ride-to-Eat', mount up!

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