April 1, 2014

More riding, less writing.

While I do indeed have two ride reports in the hopper at the moment, one each for the recent 100 and 200k KCUC events, therein lay the problem:  I'm getting backed up.  Life is nuts, and I have finally figured out how to relax a little.... Which, in large part, involves not camping out in front of the computer until all hours.  Photos take care of themselves, and the ride reports will continue - but, they may involve captions and quick hits.  I've mentioned this in the past, and then immediately drop a 7,000 epic post on everyone... So, yeah; some rides will garner more than others.  I've also developed two rides for the RUSA catalog needing pre-riding.... And I can't do that if I'm sitting and typing.

  After last year, however, well ... How do I say this without it sounding like finality:  I have sorted out more, mentally, in the last 18 months than in years otherwise.  A lot of that unfolded in the saddle.  The last year in particular threw challenges at all of us, weather alone.  It changed me a little.  Even the recent high winds typical of spring are met with "hmm, that's not so bad."  My personal journey toward just being able to shut-up and ride feels largely complete...at least, very close to something resembling a complete transformation back to a place where I love riding more, and want to do more.  Maybe burnout lasts longer than I thought, but it's gone now.  I suppose I finally grew tired of hearing the constant string of beefin' from myself, so, there you have it. 

So, I'll knock out these next two photo-posts, and get back to riding.  I suggest you do the same, because it's great out there!

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