April 28, 2014

Iowa 400km finished!

Probably already apparent should you be a follower on Twitter, but, figured I'd post a quick note for good measure.  Finished with plenty of time left on the meter, but, still one of my longer 400km times... Certainly not a complaint.  A lot of that time was spent at controls, sorta chillin' and having a good time.  Sometimes I'd ride slow, sometimes fast - but, sometimes the wind decided for me.  In fact, that was the case for everyone there this last weekend - more of the usual windfest, this time supercharging the outbound leg, to the tune of 8~ hours for the first 200km, and then 15 and a bit for the return.  Great day, though... Always is.  I love this route, and - as usual - the company was great.  I'll post pics later this week, perhaps.  Stay tuned

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