May 8, 2012

Hanging in there

Time flies... it's been just over a week since the 400km wrapped, and about a week since I started falling ill again.  Typical for springtime, my system is awash with nasties thanks to blossoming flowers and grass pollen.  This last episode has been especially aggressive, so it's not been the best time.  Not sure if the ride itself kicked anything off or not, but the weakening one's immune system can take after hours and hours on the bike, as a coincidence, likely didn't help things.  

In addition, finishing up the spring semester of school with a lot of writing, and a final exam next week with even more writing, has me hesitant to get behind the keyboard for the blog... like I need to save the creative juices for items with a GPA attached, if that makes sense.  So, I am just checking-in -- the 400km post will come.

The weather is shaping up perfectly, however, for commutes and errands... so, when I'm finally on the mend, I hope to get back into a good routine on the bike.  
Going to be a nice summer!

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