May 30, 2012

RAAM update

Though it's not one of "my rides", I'm still involved in the effort, and still took some photos - which I'll get around to posting here tonight, most likely. 
Finally getting caught up on the blog!  Though the last post took weeks to write, it seems... .five minutes here, ten there, and finally got to hit "upload" this morning. 
I'll pre-warn -- the RAAM coverage will largely be on the Twitter and Facebook companions to this page.  I'll likely report photos that don't make it onto the social media stream, but the sheer size of the effort would take volumes to express in the fashion I've become accustomed to chronicling a ride, and I don't anticipate having the energy to perform such a task.  Still, it's a life-changer, a monumental task for rider and crew - so not saying anything at all wouldn't be right.  I'll have notes, and perhaps a paragraph of two for each photo - but that's where the line will fall.  I want to be timely, not wordy, for that one.

On that note, stay tuned...  Things will happen quickly:  I have another 200km ride on June 9th which will cap off my 2nd R-12 run, and then I'm on the way to Oceanside, CA., where I will enter "RAAM-mode", and not stop until we reach Annapolis, MD., ten days later.  Race coverage will be top-notch from the race organization - visit and surf around;  you'll see live rider progress, videos, crew interviews, and daily race updates as the event unfolds.  Their media team is nearly as large as the rest of the volunteer pool, so it ought to be good - and far better than any Twitter action I can muster, especially after a few solid days of crewing.  We'll see, and I'll do my best -- but job #1 is getting my rider to the finish.  If I miss a few posts, so be it!  

Thanks for reading!  Getting to be an exciting summer!

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