April 30, 2012

400km = success!

Checked off #10 of my current R-12 run with a 400km ride this last weekend, and feeling good - somehow...
I credit the higher protein diet (*NOT* to be confused with a low-carb diet!!!) for outstanding recovery that has allowed me get back on the bike quickly this week, along with making yesterday's yard work not such a horrid chore.  In the past, this distance would put me firmly on the couch for at least the next day.  Yeah, I did rest and catch a few cat-naps yesterday - which helped after being awake for 25 hours by the time I got home, unpacked, showered and in bed early Sunday morning - but I wasn't totally destroyed.

Full blog post coming... I'm engaging my inner editor, so I don't (there exist pros and cons both ways) leave you with 10,000 words of filler.
What can I say now, though... it was a terrific ride, with good companions.  Made some new friends along the way, and reconnected with ones I hadn't ridden with in years.
I need to make a solid point to attend at least one of Bob's brevets every year -- the companionship of a group distance ride is just too good to pass up, after so many solo rides.  I'm talking commutes, too --- my solo:group ride ratio is WAY off-kilter, and when I think of this weekend, the last DSR, the February 200k, the January 200k, the New Year's eve ride to the Cider Mill... they are just miles ahead of the results of riding in solitude.  So, more advertisement of permanents, and more club rides, I think, are in order.

That's all for the moment --- lots to digest this week, but, the post will come.
Thanks for reading!

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Steve Williams said...

Congrats on such a ride, looking forward to the play by play!