May 7, 2009

Swap Meet is a'comin' 

May 16th
Come out EARLY for the best deals - I'll have a table there, as usual, and I'll be cleaning out the garage.
I've grown tired of Craigslist and the waiting game, so it'll all be on the table - literally. 

I'll have a GORGEOUS 1974 Peugeot PR-10 for sale.  Come see it.  The restoration of this bike was talked up on this site a few months ago, and I'm tired of looking at it in the garage.  Make an offer.  You really oughta see it, at least:  finding an un-futzed-with, original French sport-tourer like this with all-original spec - well, after this, I'll probably not see one again in my lifetime.  They are so quick to be turned into fixxies or otherwise updated with (arguably) better stuff than Simplex and Stronglight.  This one is exactly how it was sold in Holland in '74.

Aside from that, I'll have a few crank-sets, a fork (someone else's), a set of mountain-bike fixxie beater wheels, a set of fenders, some caliper brakes, a couple stems, bells, gently-used tires with a lot of use left in them, derailleurs, assorted taillights, a small-kids' bike (ages 3-4, girls), more.
I'll be there from sun-up until about 9:00am.  Anything that doesn't sell - crud, it'll probably be donated to ACME - (aside from the Peugeot, of course).

Be there.  There are always some quality vendors there from the local scene, and a lot of small surprises and grab-bins from other folk's garages.
Good coffee and pizza across the street and Pi and Grinder's.  Come-n-see.

May 16th - NEXT Saturday.  

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