May 21, 2009

Addendum: Rant of Spring.

Perhaps I'm a gutless idiot, but I can't offer up a rant telling people they're going it wrong without offering suggestions on how to do it RIGHT.  So, here you go:  

The above article on Commute By Bike, I found very informative - and it highlighted a way that I was doing it "wrong" - riding too far to the right DOES cause problems, causes a "squeeze", and can be more dangerous.  This, as I stand corrected, seems to make sense why some cyclists I've witnessed might not alway be hugging the curb-line - they're claiming the lane.  Now, I think this needs to be tendered to to automobile audience of the moment, and should be used as a guideline, not as a fist-on-the-table rule.  If someone is giving you a hard time on the road, give them more room to pass.  This is also shown in the video link on Kent's Bike Blog.  I think the learning curve for a lot of motorists around here is kinda steep, so I've been playing 50/50 with this guideline - staying to the right, but not SO far to the right that I have nowhere to go.  Could I do better?  Absolutely - and it's got me thinking about tomorrow's commute already.  I'm not perfect, and I'm okay with that.  I think most of us ARE doing a fine job, and things have gotten better over the years.  Diligence pays off, however, and I encourage even seasoned cyclists to take a look at these links, and offer your commentary, feedback, experiences - positive or negative.  I opened this can, after all.  Talking about it helps us all benefit.  

Thanks for reading!


Jason said...

Great video! I often wondered when I was commuting from Lenexa if I was riding correctly on 87th @ 69/I-35. Wish I would have seen that video a few months ago. Turns out though, I was doing it right. Maybe that's why motorist seemed to tolerate my presents.

Good stuff here cdude!

Chris said...

I have been on the road since 2005.
Things are getting worse with impatient drivers; too many kids and soccer moms out there texting and talking on the cell phones.

What works for me is to ride in the lane about where the passenger side tire would be on a car. This makes drivers a bit more aware of me and I find less problems. Obviously I give idiots the right of way if they are just plain impatient!

Hugging the right side of the lane makes it more difficult for -YOU- to ride and avoid garbage, potholes etc. BUT everyone has their point of view and opinion...this one is Mine!