May 18, 2009

An awesome week on tap

I'm excited to have put some serious projects behind me, and while the rest of the month is still a little hectic I think things will be okay - barring any major surprises.  
Of course, now that I've SAID THAT OUT LOUD.... yeesh. 

Weather-wise, this week looks to be really, really nice.  It's kinda sucky, however, that I've decided not to ride the 600K this coming weekend - because the weather is going to be nearly perfect.  It would make that long, difficult ride a lot easier to manage - but I think I'll start the day with a considerably shorter ride, and then offer my support to those that ARE going to ride it.  I've received a barrage of emails asking what my problem is, why I'm not riding the 600, etc, etc, etc. - so I suppose I'd better outline that before I invite another onslaught of messages.  I feel really good, really strong, and things went tremendously well for the 300 and 400K's, but I need a break.  I need to stop stressing about it for a while, and start to clear off my calendar.  I'm trying to do TOO much - and that's my call to make.  Can I do a 600K?  You betcha... and I was considering riding it straight through for the first time this year -- but there's always next year.  Time away from the kids, the wife, working SO much, handling so many problems for people, house issues, just staying on top of the freaking lawn-mowing.  Crud... things could be a LOT worse, and sure:  maybe a 600K is just the kind of vacation I need.  Honestly, I just want to choose to sit down, and have a vacation from just about everything linked to "responsibility".  A nice, SHORT ride, on my terms, with no clock -- that sounds nice, and I can be home and hang with the family.  In a couple more years... let's see:  34 months, not that I'm counting.... I'll be able to have a clear calendar, and fewer worries, and then the multi-day events will become more do-able.  It's not a matter of "can't" --- it's a matter of "shouldn't".  So, there ya go.  

That aside, I'm exceedingly happy with the numbers I've achieved for myself this year so-far.  The 300 went well, the 400 went well, and I think that's a great start towards a potential 2nd R-12 run.  On the same vein as just a moment ago, however, I'm not putting too much pressure on myself to keep it going - but it's nice to have something month-over-month to plan for, keep the spirit and the fitness up.  I still have to make some runs at the Border Patrol route and see if the weight loss to-date equates to a faster time on that course.  Things like that are helping keep the rest of the cycling season in perspective for me.  Littler things like the Cider Mill ride in August perhaps, the Tour De Shawnee - some of the old faves that I haven't ridden in a few years -- lots to choose from.  For now, commuting and just keeping it low-key, fun, and energetic.  

Temperatures this week look really good, and while I SHOULDN'T be using the weather as an excuse to "do the right thing" with regards to alternative transportation and "green" thinking, it helps.  It's been a while since I've had a free-enough calendar to get a solid five-day work-week on the saddle.  Something always seems to come up, and it may yet happen - but for a Monday, I feel pretty optimistic.  Might even take some pictures on the way home today, spice things up and recharge the Picasa page.  Enjoy!

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