February 22, 2009

The Ice Breaker Perm, and me: a little lighter...

Stay tuned for the ride report and photos (if I take any.... okay, I will take some time time) from the Ice-Breaker Permanent!
Tomorrow, I play hooky from work and ride a 200K, hoping to soak up a little 50ºF+ weather, and a nice tailwind, on some really nice roads. 
My only reservations about this trip are going to involve riding through Warrensburg on a weekday... but it shouldn't be too horrible, and that occurs near the eastern extent of the route; so even if it IS hairy, at least I'll only have to deal with it for an hour or so before it's behind me.  
All I know is, CASEY'S... here I come.  Ah, the c-store tour of the midwest... I'm ready. 
The calorie and "points" counting of the last couple of weeks has yielded some good results, and I'm making progress:
Upon finishing my last 200K the first of January (which seems FOREVER ago) I weighed probably 192.  Yikes... I know... I slipped WAY back.
However, at THIS writing, I'm sitting at 180 lbs.  I'm sure I'll be able to feel SOME difference from the saddle on this ride, so we'll see.  
Still a long way to go to get to my "ideal" weight again, but it's becoming a quest, a habit -- a good habit, tracking and maintaining control over intake. 
Tomorrow, however, I get to pretty much eat whatever I need to to stay on the bike... within reason, of course. 
After reading some articles recently from Hammer Nutrition (with a grain of salt, yes), it's interesting that they have re-thought a lot of some of the old-guard thinking with regards to caloric intake and replacement while on a long ride - and it happens to jive with the diet I've been sticking to.  So, it's time to put it to practice.  While there is no denying that I'll burn PLENTY, I still don't want to go crazy, and shouldn't go crazy, because that can actually lead to a lot of problems.  More on this later...

Until next time.... ya'll have a good Monday at work!   Pfffttt-HAHAHAH!!!  I'm gonna go ride my bike.  :)

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