February 11, 2009

From Mo-Bike-Fed...

The U.S. House has passed a version of the stimulus bill that included a fair share for bicycling and walking in the bill's transportation funding. 

The Senate's version leaves it out.

Your voice can help put it back.

Hundreds of bicycle & pedestrian groups across the U.S. are coordinating a grassroots call/fax/email campaign TODAY.

  --> Easy 5 minute action page: 

  --> Contact info for ALL Missouri members of Congress is at the very end of this message.

Message:  "I support a fair share for bicycling and walking in transportation funding.  Please support Transportation Enhancements in the Economic Recovery bill."


The House and the Senate have each passed their own version of the Economic Recovery Bill, aimed at creating jobs and stimulating the economy.  

Both bills include billions for transportation infrastructure, but only the House bill includes funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects in the Transportation Enhancements program.  The House bill includes approximately
$1.35 billion for Transportation Enhancements of which 50-60% is traditionally spent on bicycle and pedestrian projects.  

The Senate bill does not explicitly include Transportation Enhancements, so it’s unclear whether this funding will be in the final bill. 
We need to make sure Transportation Enhancement funding is in the final bill.
This week there will be a conference committee where several members of the House and several members of the Senate will work together to reconcile the two bills.  Conferees need to hear that Transportation Enhancements are important to stimulating the economy, creating green jobs, and moving us towards a sustainable future.


5 minute action page:

Please call your senators and representative and ask them to tell the Conferees to support Transportation Enhancements in the Economic Recovery bill. Tell them:
 * Bicycle and pedestrian projects create jobs at the same or better rate than highway projects.
 * These smaller projects can move quickly to hire local businesses and help local economies.
 * Providing safe and convenient bicycle and pedestrian access gives families healthier and cheaper transportation options.
 * Improving sidewalks and bike lanes can make a downtown a destination further helping the local economy.
 * Better biking and walking options also help ensure greater energy independence, less pollution, and a healthier United States!

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