February 28, 2009

February gets one last shot in.

A strange week indeed for Kansas weather: probably one of the warmest Februarys ever - but today, on the LAST day of February, we've got about five inches of snow on the ground out there as I type this, and it;s still coming down. They keep extending the winter weather advisory, too, which is kinda indicative of "wow, we don't know... this WAS supposed to stop...."

A strange week for sysling, too, based on the weather: Monday I rode a chilly 200K which ended up in the 50's for a few hours! tuesday, I took the day off the bike to recover from Monday's endurance-fest. Wednesday I rode in, and it was almost 70 when I left for home. Thursday, weird 50-ish and misty/rainy: my favorite riding weather, actually! By the time I was on my way home, however, it'd dropped out into the 40's with a stiff westerly wind. By the time I went to bed, it was in the 20's. Strange. Friday, errands that required more storage that I could get away with on the bike put me back in the car - but you know, I wasn't too heartbroken. But, this morning, I was back in the car again: the slick, wet snow just wasn't affording enough traction, and I deemed it unsafe. It's probably fine now that some of the major roads are treated again, but yeesh.... let's just say I'm glad I got my February 200K done on Monday - because in typical fashion I might have taken TODAY off to try and get it. A smarter person wouldn't have waited until the last week of February to get it, but hey -- no worries, because I DID get it. Man. March is going to come in, tomorrow, with fresh snow on the ground. No matter what February has given us this year, it ended like a February should. Cold, snowy, and bleak. But, I have had a GREAT month: I've lost weight, I've ridden more than in any previous February, and I've been pretty happy about the whole thing - instead of trapped in a deep, cycling-deprived depression.

Let's get it on... March is coming!

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