December 12, 2008

Can you see me now?

I'm a big proponent of the "geek factor" when it comes to winter visibility.
If your winter bike (or, summer bike, for that matter) doesn't show up like this, it's time to make some changes for the better.

I ain't braggin' I'm stayin' alive, ya'll.
Go geek -- reflectivity is IN.

The panniers are back, also.
I've decided that having a bag on my back this winter isn't the way I wanna roll.
Short errand, sure thing -- but anything beyond a couple miles and, well, the summer pannier use has spoiled me. Just can't go backwards.

I'm ready --- big weather forecast for Sunday night into Monday. I'll be rising early to beat the traffic, and enjoying the challenge!


Noah said...

That's the spirit! And you know how I roll. Plus, when it's slushy, I usually have the Squall line covers on. My bike might look like a bumble bee, but I'd rather look ridiculous than look dead.

dvicci said...

Agreed entirely on all points. Though I've been relatively off-saddle this winter so far, it's far better to be seen by a driver as ridiculous than not to be seen at all.

I'm still working out the lighting on the Dew Drop, but it'll be just as obvious and over-the-top as the Fire Mountain was when I first started.

And as for backpacks vs. panniers... Panniers all the way. I used a backpack through 6 years of college, and I will NEVER go back. No way. No how. Not. Gonna. Happen.