December 15, 2008

The bottom drops out

Here's a case in point for weird midwestern weather, and how difficult it usually is to commute or rando this time of year.

Sunday at 9:00am... 60 degrees, pleasant SW winds.

Sunday at 10:40am... 44 degrees. Not so pleasant NW wind.
Sunday at 10:45am... 40 degrees.
Sunday at 11:00am... 36 degrees.
Sunday at 11:30am... 25 degrees.
Sunday at Noon... 19 degrees.
Sunday at 7:00pm... 12 degrees.

Monday at 5:00am... 2 degrees.

Unfortunately, I'd fallen asleep before I removed my wet outer cycling layers from the washer, so I ((gee, what a bummer)) decided not to ride.
Missed the bus, too. Ugh...

Tomorrow, snow... but it's so cold that the snow will actually be manageable, instead of having the usual inch of ice underneath it.
This winter, I have a feeling that some personal commuter temperature records will be broken! Yikes!

Stay warm, KC-area riders. It's suddenly very REAL out there.


Cactus said...
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Cactus said...

I agree, I did not commute to work in Colorado Springs in subzero weather until February last year. On Monday it was -5 on way to work.

SiouxGeonz said...

I remember that transition - 54 at midnight, here, and 8 or 10 at 7:00 a.m. when I left.

Ya gotta get more layers, dude, so that when they're in the wash you have options :)

I have tossed an emergency chemical handwarmer in my bag. If I'm moving I am fine - but if I have a flat or something... I'll turn into a popsicle if it's single digits or less. Hopefully I'll remember wehre I tossed it...