May 26, 2008

summer...getting closer!

The JCBC Lone Star Century is NEXT weekend, June 1st, and boasts a totally new route - so if you've "done it before", this is the year to go back! The Cidermill Century is later on in August, and that is a terrific ride from what I've heard....i missed it last year, but this year is supposed to be better than ever! Also, the 10th Anniversary of RUSA is being celebrated nationwide on August 10th with a 200km event in every region of the country. Be a part of something BIG and join RUSA today, and get a once-in-a-lifetime chance to earn a special medal JUST for this event, plus all the other benefits members enjoy! Visit for more on this landmark event! The weather is warm, the fields are green - time to get on that bike!!! The local MS150 training rides are starting up, the Longview Lake crowd is hopping, and there is a new weekend ride here in Olathe that starts at Bike America on Saturday AMs now. Lots to try out! I'm enjoying the pleasure of mobile blogging now, so whenever I get the urge now, I can just post something quickly before the thought fades. The result may be some random and short posts, but whatever, right? With as much time as I've had to sit in front of a PC, lately, it will have to do! We're taking this thing into the next generation, baby! my kids will probably be watching some sort of wacky VH-1 style "I love the 2020's", and laughing about how fast we all thought our PCs were, and how they remember their parents had one. Ahhhh, future nostalgia. To imagine one day that I'd already be finished with this post because the old user interface devices went the way of the do-do, and the clumsy keyboards on smartphones finally gave way to thought control and verbal central cortex streaming technology. wow.... I'm making my own head hurt. A flash of lightning lights up the sky.....and.....wait....... there it is. gentle, distant thunder. a train whistle.... back to my night ride. I love technology, baby. time to get home before the rain.....later!

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