May 7, 2008

86 miles later...

It's been a good couple of weeks, and I've actually managed to drag myself back onto the bike during the week and have logged about 86 miles in commutes so far. Considering how the winte rwent, and most of the spring, that's a big step for someone that calls himself the "commuterdude". What a LOSER! Self-defaming conversation aside, it's great to be back on the bike again, and saving some gas money. My spirits are lifted, and my morale is a lot higher now.
It's been a little bit easier to get thru the stresses of life I've been up against lately -- I won't bore you with too many details here, but it's been tough. thankfully, all the things that REALLY matter, the wife, the kids, and everyone's health, have been fine. Everything else seems to be a raging shambles, tho! Whoooo!!!!! Time for a LONG 400K to sort things out and de-stress!
Looking forward to it.

Not a lot of time for more updates, so I'll leave you with the song of the moment, and the nature tally for the local bike trail over the past two weeks:

16 deer.
1 turkey. (honest to goodness wild turkey. He looked nervous, and lost.)
1 beaver.
2 sheep. (I pass a local park and petting zoo on my way to work...might explain the turkey, too.)
2 long horn cattle. (see above - the park needs a better fence, soon. Almost got speared.)
27 domesticated dogs.
1 foaming lunatic of a dog.
20 humans (most playing golf, jogging, or taking up space.)

A lot of mud.
A lot of water.
A lot of jealous drivers.
(I can only assume jealousy manifests itself as confused looks at intersections.)

It's always an interesting ride home, that's for sure!

Song of the moment: "Bamboo Shoots Battle" by TRS-80

Peace.... see you on the road. If I don't wave, it's because my new helmet is too freaking big.

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