May 19, 2008

Kansas City Bike-To-Work-Week results!

Final Results
Total Miles: 41,019
People Registered: 1094
People who logged trips: 799
Teams: 61
Solo Commuters: 163
First-timers: 216
Carbon Dioxide saved: 38,885 pounds
Gasoline saved: 2,279 gallons and $8,363

Amazing results! The trick now: Keep it going!
It's a safe bet that many of the miles above were logged by folks that ride to work reagardless of the occasion or the week. There are quite a few (216!) first-time commuters, however! FANTASTIC! Now, keep going... the summer is almost here, weather is excellent, and gas won't get any cheaper! Get out there, and enjoy life at the speed of bike.

At $3.70 a gallon, and 25 MPG, a ten mile commute (both ways) costs $2.96
Doesn't seem like much.
But, at the end of the work week that's about $15.00
At the end of the month, it's $60.00
At the end of the year, it's $720.00

Oh, and that's assuming you ONLY drive to work, have free insurance, never have to buy new tires, replace any other fluids, and have no car payment. Hmmmm....
Let's see....

$720.00 a year in gas.
$3000.00 a year in payments.
$750.00 in insurance.

At 4800 miles a year to work only, let's figure two oil changes and one air filter, ok?
Let's forget about tires, coolant, washer fluid, car washes and seasonal reductions in gas mileage due to air conditioner use.

$40.00 in oil service.
$12.00 for an air filter.

That's $4500 a year.
That's a fair chunk of cash, and a fair percentage of your income.
Assuming you go NOWHERE else.
Considering most drivers average about 12,000 miles a year, that raises the fuel and maintenance costs to a new total of about $5600, assuming that gas stays at the same price.

Change that to a bus pass, and your cost to head to work drops to $520.00 for the whole year. That's 52 local ten-ride passes -- to and from work, five times a week.
That's nearly $4000.00 a year back in your pocket. If you work farther away, the cost savings are even greater, because you pay the same for the pass, regardless of mileage. Use the bus to handle your biggest travel commitment, and get a bike for the weekends - change your lifestyle back to thinking locally; shop locally, eat locally, and help your community thrive.

Ride a bike, and the cost is even lower - offset slightly by bicycle maintenance costs, which are marginal. Chain lube, a new set of tires at the end of the year (or rotate one tire, front to back).
Bottle of lube, $8.00 - probably last six months. New tire, basic commuter tire, long-mileage, probably $20.00. New tube, $5.00.

Any combination of bike and bus is still a benefit over driving a car.

I won't bore you with the other benefits that simply getting OUT of the car can give you -- this is strictly financial. Like ANY good investment or savings plan, it takes time to realize the savings and benefits in your bottom line -- but they are real.

Think about it...

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