August 6, 2007

Song of the Week - 8/06

I blame the wife for this one, since Friday night was bad-movie-night at the homestead. She got to pick. We watched "Xanadu". Holy crap. What a complete waste. But, of course, the soundtrack is brilliantly mind-sticking, and therefore the song of the week is....

"Have to Believe we are Magic" by Olivia Netwon-John.

Dammit. The ONLY redeeming factor is that Jeff Lynne had something to do with the soundtrack, so it's musically interesting and nice. But that's it.
Can't get the damn thing out of my head, tho. I love ELO, but I really want to hate this song.

Curse you, early 80's roller-skating craze.

1 comment:

nick said...

You know I am with you on the general suckiness of the movie Xanadu, however I secretly cherish the music as much as I do my old abba music....child of the 70's, what can I do about it? Nothing but keep on rollerskating. My favorite Xanadu track: Dancin'. Olivia with Gene Kelly. Fricken brilliant. I feel dirty now.