August 16, 2007

Larry and Sierra Gaunt

You will not be forgotten --

Many thanks to ACME Bicycles Sarah and Chrissy (who I saw in the saddle for the first time ever last night) for the Ghost Bikes, as I sincerely hope the message will get across.

There were a LOT of people out there last night at the Longview Rec Center, and the news channels that reported on the event varied the headcount anywhere from 400 to 650 riders -- I think there actually might have been more. It seriously looked like the start of the MS-150 itself, but much more somber.

I was, I think, overwhelmed by it all while I was actually there - the magnitude of the whole thing didn't really sink in until I watched it on the news that night, and it hit me. I hope everyone watching felt the same way. The madness needs to stop!

During the ride, it was good to see a to of folks that I hadn't ridden with in a while -- MAN the Longview crowd is a good crowd, and I really need to get back out there for some training soon. Good people. Badgerland and Noah were in attendance, and several others that I hadn't ridden with in a while, like P-Mo, Fine Jewelry, Big Chris, the Bicycle Shack Racing team, Reggie and company, Big Shark Kelly, and more. While the mood was muted, and all of us knew why we were there, it was good to be among friends -- I think all of us were taking stock of our friends, how lucky we are every day, how many cars pass us from behind and how many times it could have been us. We reveled in the handshakes and smiles.

For one night, Longview Lake was ours, Raytown Road was ours - the whole city was ours.

Rest in peace, Larry and Sierra -- I ride for you.

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