September 19, 2012

Cyclists and Motorists alike - worth reading

This is a decent little snippet that deserved re-posting - it's flown across the web on quite a few sites, so I figured I'd keep the momentum going.  I don't agree with it all, carte blanche, but - it's a good start.

What Drivers Should know about Sharing the Road with Cyclists - and Vice-Versa.

Enjoy, and pass it on...

The ideal world we all want starts with understanding - and riding by example.


Monkeywrangler said...

I actually agree with every thing they wrote except for the bit about how nice it would be if there were bike lanes everywhere. I'd rather ride in the street where there is less debris and no parked cars, and not have to worry about how the bike lane will cross an intersection and how cars in a right turn lane will cope with a straight-ahead bike lane.

kG said...

Yeah, I agree --- in SOME places (Like Lone Elm in Olathe, or Holliday Drive by I-435) there is a more modern approach to bike lane "through-design"... but many intersections in the metro won't support it --- and, there will always be more roadway without bike lanes than with: Overland Park's feeling on the matter echoes yours -- cyclists and drivers can share the same space, and it falls on each to know how to behave. For a global summary, however, the article does a good job on some sticky points.