September 8, 2012

Fall Preview and Riding with the Devil

One could easily see me setting the video to this latest ride to a backtrack of "Running with the Devil" by Van Halen, and I find it interesting that particular song never popped into my head on this particular journey, despite the title association.  Your real reference for the ride title comes from the 1999 film "Ride with the Devil", which was filmed on-location in "Old" Pattonsburg, MO., through which this route passes.  Either way, I wish I had taken some video along the way, as the scenery, the route, the hills certainly would have made for a good ride-film.  Reason to come back next time, I suppose.  In fact, despite the toughness factor, this might be a contender as my favorite randonneuring route for many of my criteria:  low traffic, hills*, scenic vistas, history, bridges, water features.  The whole route is beyond "interesting" - but, for whatever drew my eye while riding, I spent twice that time staring down at the pavement while grunting out another climb.  *I carefully caveat the "hills" category, therefore: I prefer a good climb over any flat route - however, this route borders right on the edge of opinion, of course.  I survived, after all -- but "wow."  Part of that survival involved the first ride in the rain since April, which -- when compared to the summer we've endured, the drought -- well, it felt marvelous, and tasted like a good fall preview.  I'm ready for more!

More to come in the full ride post, but, wanted to throw a quick update out there as I check "#3" off the potential third R-12 run.  In that same breath, I extend my congratulations to Terry B., who came out and rode with me yesterday; the ride marked his 12th consecutive 200km+ ride, so Terry has earned his first R-12!

More to come -- 

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