October 13, 2012

Flint Hills 225km in the books

So, I've got "number 4"... it appears we have a bit of a run going again!  I'm not really pushing the issue, however - but, I'm falling into the routine that one long ride per month is good for the soul, and tends to keep me honest in terms of "training" and diet - and if that happens to culminate in another R-12, awesome!  Tentative goals remain in place, however, and yesterday's ride held good on them - though, I felt some of my edge dull at times.  

The Flint Hills 225, if you haven't done it, is quite a remarkable route.  Best scenery around, traffic was light, lot of trains - which I always dig - and varied terrain.  Mostly, it's flat - although it does advertise 5,500 ft of climbing, I just don't remember that much until the very end - and that's probably because LAST month's ride had so MUCH climbing.  The numbers just don't paint the true picture.  Overall, it seemed that the Flint Hills route had more long, flat sections - and all of it is exposed to whatever the wind happens to be doing:  not my favorite combo.

Full report coming after a bit - there's a lot happening, personally, and I hope it doesn't affect my ability to post.  This ride, in particular, deserves that attention - so, I'll do my best to get something out there before the memories get foggy.  Rain, wind, darkness, trains, epic views, great pavement, and some of the highest high points (and lowest low points) in recent memory for me on a ride. 

Stay tuned!

Until then:  Songs in my Head:
"Down with Disease" - Phish
"I will wait" - Mumford & Sons
"We Are A & C" - Arling & Cameron

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