April 13, 2012

Checking in for April

April is half over in a few days... yikes.... and still no R-12 ride for this month.  Yet.
Today was to have been my day, attempting the 300km "Hell of the North" permanent from Liberty, MO. to Albany, MO. and back.
Hills, rough roads... and my wind chimes haven't quieted down since this morning, clanging still in the southern winds which haunt that already difficult route up north.
Thanks to my alarm clock/phone freaking out sometime in the night, however, I didn't make the bell -- slept like a log instead, until the wife shook me awake at 5:30am asking why I was still in the house.  Even with the generous hour buffer at the front of every permanent ride, I had only 30 minutes at that point to start a ride that was a 45 minute drive away.  Ugh.
I felt sick... but, eventually forgave myself.  And started shopping for a proper alarm clock.  

Still, perhaps it's better this way.  After a sorta rough March 200k, I wasn't really in the mood for the thunderstorms that were ravaging the northland when I checked radar, nor the stiff headwind that would surely punish for 90-some miles on the trip southbound after reaching Albany via 12,000 ft. or whatever of climbing.  The sun came out eventually, though, and I got more of a tame, stress-release style training ride on a local rail-trail.  Though the 52 miles I logged pales in comparison to what coulda-been, I averaged well and felt strong throughout - so, that's a plus.  Wrapped up the ride with a conversation with another cyclist packing up after his outing on the same trail - so, I wasn't alone thinking today was a good day for this.

So, R-12... still half a month left, and the big 400km brevet up into Iowa on the 28th.  That's cutting it close... but, it'll have to be the one.  I can't see flushing this after 9 straight.... no way. Not even a thought.  Sometimes things don't work out... but, on a tough route, with stiff winds, and on this particularly "lucky" day, perhaps there is an unknown blessing hiding underneath my personal disappointment.  I'll never know ... and that could be a good thing.  Win some... miss some...

Stay tuned.

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Assisted Pedestrian said...

I've just been listening to your interview in the Kansas Cyclist podcast Episode 16. That was a really inspiring description of the many aspects of long distance cycling. So much so in fact that I intend to try do a 50km run round one of our west coast Scottish islands in a weeks time while I am over there working, with a view to building up slowly over the summer. I also commute although only 10km each way per day, but it amazed me how quickly I lost weight and built up stamina to do that (admittedly short) run within a very short space of time. Thank you.