April 2, 2012

Very spur of the moment

It's April, and that means it's time for 30 Days of Biking!
I actually signed up this year, and I hope to get at least a couple miles every day.  
There are schedule challenges with school/work/kids, and geography vs. time makes things tight for the bike.... alas, even if it means getting home at o'dark-thirty, tired from a long day, I still plan to get at least 30 minutes of riding, even if it's a quick errand.  That's the whole thing:  30 days of Biking... just don't miss a day in April!  While there will be a good dose of short rides, I also have 300 and 400km rides scheduled this month... so, it will be a little strange.  

Stay tuned!
I also at least plan on a FB post-per-day, too... to keep track.

To those registered, and already enjoying day-two -- good luck!  

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Samantha @ SamanthaCycles.com said...

I signed up for 30 days of biking this year and I am really looking forward to having a good excuse to pull out the old beach cruiser and ride around the neighborhood. Good luck with the challenge!