April 7, 2009

Advocacy Alert - take action!

CommuterDude Readers;  From our friends and champions at MoBikeFed: 
Please take a look at the below and respond - regardless of what side of the line you live, KS or MO, this benefits us ALL: 
Take a moment, and click on the link shown below:
Take two minutes, and make a difference! 

Do you think good, safe walking and bicycling facilities (should) be included on all new MoDOT roads?
Didn't like it when MoDOT Director Pete Rahn personally shut down Missouri's Complete Streets initiative?
Here's your chance to give MoDOT a message right where it counts:

A group called the Missouri Transportation Alliance is currently taking public feedback as they start to create a plan to deal with MoDOT's current massive funding shortfall.
This is the same group who wrote and passed Amendment 3 in 2004.
Now they are at it again.  They are open to the idea of including funding for things like bicycling, walking, and complete streets.
But they can't do it unless we **ask**!
This is really a two minute job--you can send them one short sentence:  "I support bicycling and walking."

I have talked with Jewell Patek, who organized the campaign that led Amendment 3 to be passed by nearly a 90% margin.
He said the question they must answer, before including any proposals supportive of bicycling and walking: Is there support in Missouri for including bicycling & walking?
Are there votes?
They just can't include bicycling and walking unless people are really asking for it.  If we ask, it will be difficult for them to say no.
The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so let's squeak!

This one initiative will have more affect on the future direction of MoDOT than all others we are currently working on, put together. 
So please do take a moment to respond!


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