April 25, 2009

300km's of success.

I'm pretty beat, but exceedingly pleased. The last time I rode a 200k, I was heavier and it took about 13 hours and change. Today, after some focused training and weight loss, I rode a 300k in 13 hours and 3 minutes. Effectively, if I was racing the February 6th version of me in a 13 hour time-trial, today's version of me would have been 62 miles or more ahead at the end. I feel pumped, like I can't hardly describe. That's total time, also. Rolling time today for the 187 miles was 11 hrs, 10 mins. I will never let my weight slip again. I'm tired from the effort, but not totally destroyed like the end of nearly every R-12 ride last year. Still work to be done: the fastest bunch were probably an hour ahead of me, and the next fastest pack was only maybe 20 minutes ahead.... but, I can't complain about that. That's not what rando is all about: I improved MY time, and that does count. Considering the first finisher today was a Tejas finisher and third in his age group (?), I know what I need to do. With shifting winds, wild temperature swings, warm rain, cold rain, and an unofficial 17,000 feet of climbing, I am tremendously pleased with my day! More to come.... time to sleep.

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