March 6, 2009

Two New Lists Added

Two new Google Groups have been created today - feel free to join up if either or both match your interest:

The KCUC List is for Bob Burn's brevets, and Spencer Klaassen's permanents, and will act as the official Kansas City Ultra-Cycling list for randonneuring in and around the KC-Area.

The Dark Side Rides list is for the "commuterDude-sponsored" night rides that a couple of us whackos try to put together during the warmer months!
If you like that kinda thing, feel free to join that one, as well!  

Both lists can be accessed via this webpage, framed over on the right-hand side.  The KCUC list box is in the Rando section, and the DSR list box is down closer to the bottom of the right hand items.  


By the way.... the first Dark Side Ride of 2009 is coming.... no dates yet, but stay tuned.  Join the list for more info!  

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