March 8, 2009

Couldn't have said it better

Crowbar forwarded me a great article this morning -- it's worth your time to read it, and think AHEAD.
Kansas City - especially suburbia - is light-years behind the kind of city planning and forethought that a city the size and scope of NYC requires.
But, we are all bikers, we are all out there dealing with traffic and people and crosswalks.  
I tend to err on the side of NYC, being bigger, older, more populous, and the creation-center of what eventually becomes popular culture out here in the mid-west and beyond - that their drivers, law-makers, and critics are a touch more savvy that we are here.  That's not not say we are a bunch of cow-tipping morons that happen to ride bikes occasionally; but certainly our view-points and circumstances are different.  But, it's refreshing to see that is such an "advanced" culture as NYC, there are a lot of parallels.  A lot of the same problems, even now.
The big difference, however, is that they seem to be doing a lot more about it.  

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