October 29, 2008

R-12 gets real...

R-12 gets real....this weekend looks nearly perfect for a 200k...but, of course, I've got too much happening to get it knocked out on November One. That would be cool, but it jsut ain't gonna happen. But, MAN.... hard to complain, even though there will be a lot going on I will still probably have time to get outside for a little bit and enjoy a forecast high in the 70s!

Bad weather coming in next week, probably around Tuesday - but it looks like it's only rain.
Still, he-eere we go! Time to earn it.
Heck, I might just have to pull an "October" and take a day off during the week and get it knocked out. The typical Kansas weird weather continues --- right now it's shorts and short-sleeves weather outside again, where only 24 hours ago I was answering emails about frozen brakes and fogging glasses. More of the same for the rest of the week, the weekend, and probably until mid-week next. Wow. Of course, it ISN'T November for a few days --- I'm anxious.... Halloween hasn't even passed yet, and I'm chomping at the bit to get November's requirement checked off! Look at me, gettin' all excited! Whooo!

More to come....

Apparently, for now, it's fall again... I'm gonna go ride without any heavy winter stuff on for a while!

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