October 3, 2008

On the side of caution

It's never a good thing to roll the dice unless you absolutely have to... 
It's also a good thing that nobody was crazy enough to sign up for this one, so I'm not leaving anyone out in the wind either, but I'm cancelling the R-12 ride tomorrow for medical reasons.
I won't get into that here, but I just didn't think I should risk it: not bouncing back as well as I should have, and since it's digestive in nature it'd be best not to risk anything out on the open roads of Kansas, all alone in the dark. I'll wait until I feel 100% and reschedule - which, you know, means I'm rolling the dice in a different way at the same time:  I hope the weather holds because this weekend was going to be N I C E for a bike ride! I'm a little bummed, yeah, but it's better than having an issue on the ride that I can't get around.
So, stay tuned -- the R-12 will continue, just not this weekend -- I've got 28 days to squeeze it in!

1 comment:

Noah said...

I was about to mention that you have a little bit of wiggle room, but you caught that with the last sentence. Hope you get to feelin' better.