October 30, 2008

do NOT go in there! Whoooo!

Took a day off the bike, after finding out yesterday that running 2.25 miles on a questionable stomach turns your intestinal contents into rancid pancake batter. At least I got some exercise in.... but when I rose this morning, getting jostled on the bike was NOT a good idea. Yikes.
Anyhow, yeah - the first mention of this new fitness program was muttered Saturday night to Noah, who mentioned "wait...you hate running.." Correct.

An unlike some candidates and Secretaries of Treasury, I'll own it:

Yeah, lofty goals, and then realization. I'm certainly NOT doing anything like that this time.
NO goals for the sake of setting goals. This time, the "goal" is really the same - lose 20 lbs., and trim up the midsection. According to everyone I've talked to, and most things I've read, running is a good way to do it. It's very efficient. By design, the human body will begin to change itself to support whatever activity you happen to be doing. When I was fat and complacent and sedentary, my body wasn't designed for anything, really. When I lost the weight the first time and started cycling, it was like a clean slate - before long my lung capacity increased, my legs took shape and got stronger, etc. But, cycling does very little for the midsection. Running, on the other hand, while also building your legs, tends to use more of your core. There is stability, balance, coordination, pushing off the ground, landing, etc. - all things that the lower impact of the cycling doesn't do. My sides already hurt, my oblique muscles, my abs. It will work, it's proven. I just have to stick with it: sticking with it requires patience, MODERATION, and mental awareness, focus on my goal - running is just a tool to get there. Along with it will play diet, and continued cycling for cardio and mainteance. But, after several months of commutes and 200Ks, my weight is stable. I need to shake things up. I can ride a 200K and not have my heart-rate climb much. It's just not enough anymore! Keeping with running long enough to see results requires, again, moderation. No 10K's, no half-marathons, nothing like that: I can't afford to build up a tolerance for running that will cause IT to lose it's effectiveness. I have to use it, hang it up, and maintain the new midsection and weight, once I get there.
So, that's the latest --- I'm anxious to get on the scale tomorrow and see if the last two weeks have yielded anything yet.

As for commuting, back on it tomorrow, assuming my stomach comes back online.
Whatever I ate, and then ran into a slurry, isn't playing very nice.


Chris said...

I think POWER-WALKING would be a better choice than running. You have much less abuse on the knees and you can still get the old HR up there.

warbird said...

i'm with badgerland. especially if you have 20 extra pounds, you're knees are going to hate you. think something less high-impact.

wish i could still run :(