June 11, 2008

A Metro Example to Live By & The 2008 MS-150 announcement

I've spent the last wek or so on vacation in or near the city that never sleeps. Two part saga, the wedding of a close friend, and an adventure in the Catskills, Manhattan, White Plains, Queens, the Bronx, etc. It's been a great time, and a terrific opportunity to unwind. Yeah, I didn't get a chance to ride in downtown NYC, but hey -- there's always next time! Got to see the ocean again, some dinosaur bones, and a lot of bikes on the train, the subway, bike racks all over town. This city has it together, and makes me sad for the sprawling headache that comprises most of the KC area. MAN, we need light rail. It's freaking perfect to be able to get anywhere in the entire metroplex, and three states basically, without having a car. I *LOVE* that! And, with gas peeking above $4.00 a gallon this week, and forecast to stay there -- well, more than ever, Johnson County, Jackson County; the time is now. I simply don't get where the hangup is: people may not have thought they'd use it a couple years ago....but you need to put it back to a vote again, and start the ball rolling. I'm personally tired of Johnson County, KS., and the rest of the metro, being so far behind the rest of the country with regards to public transporation and foresight towards responsibility and civic design. I mean, this game the oppulent here are trying to play, trying to shed our cow-town image and be some iconic, richy-rich community -- it's gotta stop. It's not cool, it's irresponsible, and no-one really cares that you're driving a 2009 Merc G-class. Green is chic -- and you look like a gluttonous idiot.
You people need to start giving up those cars. Stop idling at the grocery store because you're "hot" and wanna run the A/C. Big changes are coming -- you might as well get used to it, and start being part of the solution. Okay...I'm done.

Anyways, thats all from this side of the country -- back in town tomorrow early AM, and I'll be sleepign it off for a couple days before returning to the grind -- might get in a nice ride, between rain storms.

Anyways.... the MS-150!
Yes, I fold like a cheap card table under the pressure from past teammates and the MS Society - and really, I wouldn't have been easily guilted into anything. At the end of last year's ride, I was strongly standing on a "never again" decision, and was disolving the MS-150 team, and was simply not going to do the ride again in 2008. Eight continuous years was enough. Well, that's changed -- I feel like Ekimov, the Russian dude from the old Postal Service squad that retired from professional racing at the end of one season, and was right back at the Spring camps the next year for another run at it ... which earned him an "oldest pro rider" status, and a reputation for honestly being a hard worker and very passionate about his sport. I'm back for much the same reason -- good friends, a great time, a great cause, a great goal. I said I'd do it, because really, I really DO want to do it again - and not just the ride, but the leadership role at the reigns of a fantastic team. I'm back, and the doors are open to another great run at the Kansas City MS-150, an opportunity open to any rider reading this in the KC area!

So, this is an open invitation for any rider -- commuter or otherwise -- that wants to have a solid training goal, understands the cause, and want to ride with a TERRIFIC bunch of guys that are out to have a good time on the ride! If you are interested, email me at the link near the top of the page, below the MS-150 banner, and let's get started! I'm honored and excited to be back as the leader of Team CommuterDude!

That's all I've got for now --- starting on MOnday June 16th, I'm beginning an honest run at a continuous streak of commutes, and a solid start to a responsibly green summer, and a lot of gas savings! Cheers!

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Anonymous said...

KC can't hold a candle to big D in terms of backwardness on the eco-conciousness concept. We have light rail, and you can actually GET places with it. But due to sprawl, you are limited. However, the bike paths are growing and hopefully, the "stigma" espoused by some "Texans" on the users of the bus system will go away. It is viewed as "poor man's" transportation instead of "smart man's" transportation. Down here, Mom/Dad still need the SUV to drive little Bobby & Suzy to soccer practice. And they will still floor it from red light to red light, even at $4 a gallon.