June 27, 2008

Gettin' the June Edition

It's 200K+ time again.... more like 217km, while I put my feet to the pedals and hit the highways and side roads again for another 1/12th of the task of getting my first RUSA R-12 award!
This will be month number five, and again just under the wire. Between being out of town in NYC for a week, and other family commitments, this R-12 thing is not so easy just from a scheduling standpoint. This is once again the last weekend in the month that I can grab a permanent, and the regional coordinator has once again been kind to me.

I'll try to do better with a ride update this time, afterwards --- and probably will include some highlights from the May ride: which went really well. But, I never did log back in and talk about it much. Also, I think I will have some more pictures... for two reasons:

I'll have my camera ready, and I'll also have Noah (aka Foshacks, of KC-Bike blog fame) along with me. Since it's hard enough to remember odd nicknames and get them to stick, I'll probably heretofor refer to him simply by his name. That's easy. This will be his first RUSA event, and his first ride of anything longer than probably 70 miles in one sitting. It will be a learning experience, but after having ridden with him a few times I can say that he's ready. He's quick, patient, and is appropriately equipped - so it will be a treat! All I know is that it will be entertaining to talk to someone OTHER than myself this time out!

So, stay tuned -- ride details and photolog coming soon...

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O. T. said...

I am tempted to drive up and join you!!